26TH Open Systems Days
Croatian Linux Users’ Conference

18 - 19 APRIL 2019

FER, Zagreb, Croatia

Authenticity in Open Source


Is it possible to obtain cheap an reliable way of authentication, veracity and credibility of an Open Soruce, in aspect of communication, code protection and binary code verification? Do available Linux signing mechanisms allow reliable and sufficient methods for signing?

Internet is anonymous and private – change my mind; as a popular Steven Crowder's "Change My Mind" Campus Sign meme would challenge profane dialectic through Internet sewers. But this topic is all but irreverent. Seldom did any technological advancement so widely spread and accepted allowed anonymity and privacy such as “Internet”, in all its sense. Psychologically, most people vouching for anonymity and privacy are ones sharing most of their lives through “social networks”, since you are not forced to use Internet and all its perks and dispose your privacy and individuality to virtually anyone, especially ones that host your data.

Not to engage in intricacy of above mentioned topic and risk threading so far to go into conspiracy theories (or rather money making business without hosting party content), real question is – can you vouch for your legitimacy through Internets intrinsically private and anonymous concept?

This talk will briefly give insight in ways of insuring your targeted public into believing it was really you who published content available through the Internet. How can you skip Notary Public’s office and physical involvement and yet convince 3rd party they really did talk, use or interact with your creation and earn their implicit or explicit trust, for what it is worth? And finally, what are security compliance issues with flexible Open Source model that would allow better control, authentication, veracity and credibility.






Bruno Banelli


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