26TH Open Systems Days
Croatian Linux Users’ Conference

18 - 19 APRIL 2019

FER, Zagreb, Croatia

Python at the speed of light


Once underestimated and called "Toy language", Python today is the most popular language for Data Science / Machine Learning, Artificial Intelligence, DevOps, Automation, Robotics, Web development and many other tasks.

It's been used from the tiny Raspberry Pi micro computers up to the most powerful supercomputer clusters in the world.

Python won TIOBE's programming language of 2018 award, and according to all relevant sites for measuring programming language popularity, Python is always among top 3 programming languages in the world.

As a result, Python developers today can get much better rates per day than developers in any other language.

In 30 minutes some of the most common myths about Python will be disclosed, with a clear explanation of how to resolve each one of them, and get the most of such powerful ecosystem.

As title of presentation suggest, main topic will cover steps to tune Python code to run at the speed of C language, but other topics like high performance computing libraries and different Python distributions will be covered as well.






Josip Pojatina

After finishing Mathematical secondary school (MIOC) and ETF (Faculty of Electrical Engineering and Computing) in Zagreb, my first significant project was implementation of Mathematical programming model (Revised Simplex method) in order to solve optimal production scheduling problem.

Later I've been applying similar methods from Operations Research and Management Science, Statistics and Neural networks to optimize critical business processes (supply chain optimization, forecasting, financial and inventory optimization...).

More than 2 decades has passed from time when I started to use Oracle, and little bit later Linux and others Open Source technologies.

Such experience allowed me to become technical solution architect for most demanding European databases, helping some of the Global Fortune 100 companies to improve their operations.

I'm also regular speaker at OUG (Oracle User Group) and member of Europen High Performance Computing society and Operational Research and Management Science.

My two websites (www.josip-pojatina.com & www.performatune.com) are among Top 100 Oracle Blogs and Websites for Oracle DBAs to follow in 2019 (https://blog.feedspot.com/oracle_blogs).

Although optimization of critical business processes (Operational Research & Mathematical programming) along with performance tuning and design/architecture of large IT systems based on Oracle (Oracle Retail), Java and Open Source technologies still remain in my focus, today most of my time I'm spending to solve challenges from Machine Learning, AI, Big Data and High Performance Computing fields.


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